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Pallabra consists of three main continents, Parsinia, Hantarta, and Sequia, as well as a cluster of islands known as the Echigi Isles.

Parsinia is primarily populated by humans, but is also home to many elf, halfling, and a few dwarf settlements. On the western portion are expansive plains and fields. The human capitol of Parsis lies on the west coast, and the trade city of Micca lies inland along the Miccan River. Toward the center along the Hihgal mountain range is a settlement shared by dwarves and humans, known as Godorod. On the other side of the Hihgal is the large Espel Woods, home to the elves and their castle Faellie. In the south west is the cursed forest of Dabrac and the city of Dark Water in a large cove. Then in the south east is a desert with two cities along its coast; Cartella, the center of halflings, and Yanol, another halfling run city.

The Kingdom of Parsis

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